Sunday, September 07, 2014

How does the advertising industry portray older people - stuck in a polarised mindset

Having just written about the same old stuff that is churned out in the media it was great to read this blog posting and to see the research it contains about advertising and how it is perceived through ageing eyes of the older boomer and senior.

You can find the podcast and description of the research on the Glynndevins web site.

The ultra stereotypical form of so much advertising was the finding that struck a chord with me.

On one hand we have the portrayal of the hopeless, victim older person

On the other hand there is ultra affluent couple, normally standing somewhere near water, gazing into the sunset pondering how they are going to spend all of their money.

I am doing the advertising industry a disservice to suggest that it is all like that but far too much of it is stuck in this polarised mindset.

Well done the company for doing this research and presenting it so well. Dick Stroud

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