Sunday, September 07, 2014

Lots and lots and lots of stuff about older consumers

When I first started this blog  - back in the dark ages - I found it difficult to find anything to comment upon that was being published about anybody over the age of fifty.

Not so today.

OK, the same things are being written as back in those days but it is being said a lot more often. I am not sure if that is a good thing but if we were measuring the exposure of 'brand 50+' then for sure it is getting a hell of a lot more coverage.

For instance there is meandering article about older women and fashion and this one about older web users. And another about women's fashion - this one daft enough to suggest that the M&S advertising campaign with the old celebs, that nobody recognised, was a success.

I always get the feeling that the pattern of things is that some poor hapless journalists is told to write 1000 words about 'the older market', something of which they have not knowledge. Indeed, something they have probably intentionally tried to avoid.  They spend an hour or two doing a trawl using Google and then write the modular article - how many - why they are different - how much they spend - five things you should do about them.

I guess there is some excuse for this pattern because it probably happens when writing about most background subjects. What is less acceptable is when some of my older compatriots seem to write the same article time and time again. Dick Stroud

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