Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will failing eyesight and dexterity stop me using a smartwatch? Not sure but it will be an issue.

I hate the word 'gadget' but I am not really sure what else to call a smartwatch. I am a perfect customer for such a device, especially if it is from Apple. Will I buy one? Absolutely. Will I used it? I am not so sure.

Don't get me wrong. This reaction is nothing to do with the functionality or some blind prejudice that 'these will never catch on'. My doubt is all totally related to my physical ability to see and touch the thing.

In the past, my natural response when buying a specialist device (like a watch to wear in the gym) was to go for the one with the most functionality. I knew I would never use it all but it would be good fun experimenting.

Now my purchase consideration is 'can I see the characters on the display'. This normally means I buy the basic model. Not so much fun for me. Not so much profit for the manufacturer.

Until I get my hands on the new Apple watch I will not know if the company has cracked the extremely difficult problem of packing a display and interface that an older person can use into something they can wear on their wrist.

One solution to this (my) problem is to increase the size of the display by wrapping it around the wrist. This may not be as far away into the future as you think. Have a look at this article from MIT. 
Dick Stroud

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DickStroud said...

Laurie Orlov has her views about Apple Watch. Mostly I agree with her but I think she is being a tad too cynical and pessimistic