Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brands on the up and down for their customer experience

Marketing Week has published the top 100 brands for customer experience.

Much to my amazement the biggest jump of any brand in the ranking is by Saga’s travel division, which shot up 195 places to 28.

Apparently it has been working on making its mission statement – ‘An unforgettable holiday starts with you’ – a reality, starting with frontline sales teams. The company's director of travel sales, says: “We looked at everything, such as how we get feedback and insight from our team and customers, how we train and support our frontline teams to be the best they can be and how we were align our objectives to the delivery of that mission.”

These don't seem a bad set of principles for improving CX. You do ask yourself the question - surely you would be doing this anyway and doing it all of the time? Clearly not.

There was another quote I loved from one of the honchos at

“Internally, our phrase is treat every customer as if they were your gran. If you would do it for your gran, do it for the customer”

Not rocket science but not a bad way forward.

Improving CX is not difficult, you just have to drill down into each step of the customer journey and ensure it is fit for purpose. Of course it does help if you have a nice tool like the AF app to help. Dick Stroud

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