Monday, December 01, 2014

Thoughts about launching a product or service to the boomer/senior, home health market

You would have thought that by now we should be pretty good at launching new products. There really isn't any mystery about how to do it well, yet most of the time it results in a screw-up.

I wonder why? Well to be honest, I don't wonder why. Having been around for decades and decades of product launches I have seen the same mistakes repeated time and time again. Too often the people involved in a bad launch don't get involved in another (hence no lessons learn't). Another reason for failure is the notion that the 'old rules don't apply'. For instance, the idea that 'social media has changed everything'. Well maybe it hasn't.

The fundamentals stay pretty much the same, however much the technical implementation changes.

Have a read of Laurie Orlov's thoughts about how to do it well. Not a bad starting point. Dick Stroud

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