Thursday, November 27, 2014

Regrets, I have had a few. What do the 50-plus wish they had/hadn't done?

One of the UK newspapers (The Daily Mail) conducted and online survey of 1,000 over 50s about their top ten regrets. Because of the small sample size and the unknown way it was selected, I think we have to take the results as something of a 'finger in the air'. I certainly don't think it can be called robust research.

So here are the results in order

Not seeing enough of the world
Not saving enough for retirement
Marrying the wrong person
Not telling their parents how much they meant to them
Choosing the wrong career
Spending too much time at work
Not spending enough time with their children
Worrying too much about what other people thought
Not learning to play a musical instrument
Not asking grandparents more about their life before they died
I suspect that there is more than a tad of truth in a lot of these.

Not sure what you will do with the results other than try and not make the same mistake. Dick Stroud

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