Saturday, December 06, 2014

Micro UX is a small element in a product’s design, focused entirely on a single task.

Anybody that reads my blog knows that I am an Apple convert (far too late in life) and they are the worst people for being a total bore about a brand.

This article from Econsultancy looks at how very small elements of digital functionality can make a massive difference to the user experience. I guess I would say that Apple applies this rule to the way it designs not just products but the whole customer experience from awareness to support.

It is this attention to detail about making every interaction with the customer simple and elegant, when combined, results in the brand's success.

I am not sure I agree with all of the 14 examples in the article but some of them contribute significantly to helping the customer and hence achieving a sale.

Here is another example from my own recent purchasing experience.

I wanted a new watch. I know that shows my age but I have a thing about watches and no doubt will be in the que for Apple's product. I discovered a company called Nite Watches. I spent a lot of time using their web site to make a decision about which of their watches was appropriate for me.

In my view, one of the hardest things for web sites to do well is to enable the prospective customer to compare different products enabling them to make  informed decisions. Nite's Watche's web site provided a really simple way of doing this. All in all the web site an its accompanying social media support is first rate. Definitely worth a look.

And no I didn't get a discount for saying nice things about the company. Dick Stroud

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