Thursday, December 04, 2014

Apple's customer journey - in a league of its own

Of all of the customer journeys that Kim Walker and I have evaluated there is one brand that stands out as being in a league of its own. No prizes for guessing. Apple still has the highest score we have ever awarded.

Econsultancy has just evaluated the online part of the customer journey (Kim and I looked at the whole thing including using the product, retail and post sale).

I think the conclusion from Econsultancy says it all.
Apple’s paid search strategy is faultless, appearing exactly where it should be in the listings and providing relevant landing pages, optimised for the user depending on their search term.
The ecommerce experience is a joy, with progression fluid, logical and best of all quick. It also works for multiple devices and screen sizes. Without sounding too gushing, this is a masterclass in providing a brilliant customer journey
It is nice, but not surprising, to have our opinion of Apple supported.

I really do suggest you look at the Econsultancy blog. It is a thorough evaluation. I cannot think of any brand I know that wouldn't learn something from applying Apple's attention to detail and simplicity.

Of course all of the things that Apple does plays extremely well to older consumers. Dick Stroud

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