Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Want to know about the digital habits of older consumers in France - don't bother with this study

I quote from the eMarketer report about France’s 'senior' citizens.

Increasingly they are likely to own and use digital devices—and are more accessible on digital platforms than many marketers suppose. Researchers looked in detail at the ways older consumers in France learned about new technologies, and how they used them, to help advertisers understand how to profit from the so-called “silver economy.” 

How on earth can you conduct a research study of the 'silver economy' and define seniors as being 50+?

I know the French retire much earlier than other Europeans but come on, I would think a lot of them work until at least 60 - a few maybe 65.

If you nothing better to do then have a look at the article but I really wouldn't bother, other than to learn how not to group older consumers in such a huge age range.

If we were to change the age range around it would mean trying to draw some useful information from researching the age range 15 - 50. Dick Stroud

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