Monday, February 23, 2015

Two interesting article in the UK's Sunday press about ageing

A couple of weeks back I contributed to an article being written by Anna Hart for Stella magazine that is part of the Sunday Telegraph.

The questions that she sent me were unusual in that they were very thoughtful. I am not trying to be nasty to journalists but often the questions are predictable and have been covered endless times before.

So I was very interested to see what Anna had written.

It was an really excellent article, not just about the way that she illustrated how generational differences are becoming blurred but also the blurring of gender preferences. 

So perhaps I need to extend my much quoted saying: Age is not a good proxy for behaviour to become "age and gender are not good proxies for behaviour."

In the Observer Magazine was an article  by Mariella Frostrup. This lady is a TV and radio programme host and as the title explains is all about her personal experience of hitting the big 50.

Dizzy spells, bifocals, early nights… Forget it. Turning 50 was hard, says Mariella Frostrup, but why should it be? As a group 50-somethings are richer, bolder and more engaged than any other. Here, she reveals why she isn’t about to drive into the sunset.

At the moment this is available for download, but that is unlikely to last.

It is an amusing and thoughtful piece of writing and certainly something that a marketer trying to get inside the head of a 50 year old should read.

Dick Stroud

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