Saturday, February 14, 2015

When will I ever escape from my very own Groundhog Day?

Many of you will remember the scene where Bill Murray awakes and discovers he his yet again reliving the Groundhog Day

When I read this Q&A with JWT's London’s director of Planning Foresight on 'Boomer consumers'  I get exactly the same feeling of despair. Ahhhhh. I know what is going to be said (Boomers are not all the same) that only a small percentage of ad spend is directed at them (5%) - a figure that I first gave a decade ago - and so on and so on.

Always a new person that has only just discovered these amazing insights. Wow, they are not the same as their parents, they are working longer (surely not) and more 'engaged' (never). And on and on it goes. The same things that have been regurgitated for as long as I can remember.

What companies are understand 'Boomer marketing' - the answer comes as usual 'not many'.

What is so tragic is I don't get all the benefits of being to improve my piano playing skills as did Bill Murray.

No doubt tomorrow, I will awake, Sony and Cher will be singing and I will read yet another revelation about marketing to Boomers/Seniors/older consumers/50+/65+.

OK, let's be serious for a moment. Am I pleased that JWT is interested in the older consumer. Of course I am. But, and it is a vast but, I just wished that instead of coming up with a rehash of old news and views they would take the subject forward. Actually, I like Sony and Cher so it is not all bad. Dick Stroud

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