Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saga's new boss seems to have convinced the City. I am more sceptical

I have been commenting on the 'sorry saga of Saga' for some time.

A short summary. The company had an IPO that flopped. Even worse - its customers were the ones that suffered the financial loss.

They now have a new MD who has been trying to sell his vision of the company and why it is such a good proposition.

As you can see from the share price, following his city briefings, he has been successful.

My bet is that the optimism will be short lived. Saga has an ageing customer base that is beginning to think more about care than cruises.

Theoretically, its brand should have value to this older old group but my bet is the brand will not stretch from aspirational holidays to end of life care.

It is a marketing challenge. I have not idea if the new guy is any good or not but he has one hell of problem to overcome.

Note to self - sell my shares. Dick Stroud

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