Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Age-Friendly Employer Research - why so little about physiological ageing?

I saw this report from Mercer and thought - Age-Friendly - Employees - that is going to be interesting.

Indeed the report is interesting but the one thing that is conspicuously missing is any discussion of what happens to the workplace when it is full of older workers.

Indeed the research suggests that companies reckon they have this side of things pretty much under control. Granted they only had 12 companies responded so I guess we should not place too much weight in that conclusion.

Our experience suggests that corporates are not applying much (if any) thought to how they will adapt the employee environment to compensate for the ageing of their employees.

Most of the research that Kim Walker and I have done in identifying ways that companies can adapt their touchpoints to compensate for physiological ageing also applies to the other aspect of people's lives - that being when they are at work.

Adapting the physical infrastructure may not be so sexy as running training courses for multigenerational workforces but in the long term it has to be done. The sooner companies start the better. Dick Stroud

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