Friday, December 11, 2015

Household spend by older Brits - more on recreation than any other age group. Is anybody listening?

The UK's Office for National Statistics churns out numbers by the zillion. One has to assume they are half right - at least I hope they are.

The 2015 analysis of what Brits spend their money has just emerged.

The headline in one of the UK's newspaper gleefully exclaimed: The good-time generation: How pensioners splash out more on fun activities than anything else. Here is the complete article.

It appears that 18% of all spending by over-65s last year went on recreation – a higher proportion than any other age group. Those aged 50 to 64 spent 14% whilst the poor old under-30s just 8%.

I can just hear the Boomer bashers going into a frenzy over this and using it as proof of intergenerational unfairness etc etc. What should be happening is those companies that deliver recreation experiences should be taking note and taking note big time at who is driving their business. Dick Stroud

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