Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Should advertisers invest in ‘moment marketing’? My guess is yes.

Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia recently wrote on the WARC blog about the importance of moment marketing.

I wrote about this subject back in June 2015.

Basically, the idea of moment marketing suggests that situational or contextual factors are often more important than personality in determining behaviour. That is an ultra short description.

The joy of digital is that it provides marketers with an array of information about individuals and the tools to deliver content in the right format and on the right platform at the right time.

Now of course this much easily said than done and like so much of marketing the devil is in the detail. What sounds like a brilliant idea in a presentation becomes a nightmare when you try and turn it into a reality.

That all said, I think it is a powerful marketing concept and is something that is generational neutral. Dick Stroud

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