Monday, March 21, 2016

30% of all online purchases happen on mobile phones - that is amazing

I expect that my inbox, like yours, is perpetually filling up with e-mails offering me new insights. The danger is that we skip through this plethora of information, consider for a fraction of a second, and move on to the next statistic.

So 30% of of all shopping purchases take place on mobile phones. Wow, that is amazing when you really think about it and know how terrible the majority of web sites are when viewed on a tiny screen of a smartphone.

I mean it is astonishing and it is something that as marketers we cannot ignore. Maybe next year the figure will be 40% - in 5 years - who knows?

My takeaway from this statistic is that the AF Brand tool must be expanded to go into far more detail about the effect of ageing on the customer experience when purchasing using a smartphone. Dick Stroud

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