Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good insights from IBM Digital Marketing University. One massive omission

I was recently booked onto a course run by the IBM Digital Marketing University. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but received the presentations. I have just looked at this content.

First thing to say was that there was lots of good material and ideas. Well done IBM.

The big thing for me was that both the insights and content conveyed the message, unintentionally I am sure,  that nobody lived beyond the age of 45 years. It was amazing, as if the materials had been sanitised for all oldie imagery.

I am sure that it is not by design but in the mind of the IBM staff - Digital=Young. I am not just talking about the latest messaging app, but all types of digital, even the ancient old e-mail.

Here are few factoids to consider:

81% of companies think they have a close and holistic view of their customers. If you ask customers the figure is below 40%

IBM identifies four key marketing challenges. The explosion of data, rise of social, increased complexity of marketing and (believe it or not) 'Shifting consumer demographics'. The fact that it doesn't discuss the subject is interesting.

Only 50% of CMO's think they are 'better prepared' to manage demographic change. I am staggered the figure is that high.

The table shows IBM's view of the numbers of users and demographics of social media users. As you can see, life ends at 54 years.

I fear the disconnect between the focus of marketing and the economic value of their customers is as wide as ever.

We are for ever being told (incorrectly) the desperate state of Millennials' finances and the riches of their parents and grandparents. Yet all the thinking and effort is still focused on the young. Crazy. Dick Stroud

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