Thursday, March 17, 2016

New software tool enables all sizes of organisation to adapt to population ageing

For the last couple of years, Kim Walker (Silver Group) and I have been using an Enterprise Version of the  AF Tool to help companies refine their customer experience (CX) so they can respond to the physical, sensory and cognitive ageing of their customers.

This tool has been refined by working with some of the world's largest companies. It is the only product of its kind and it works extremely well - that is what our clients say.

We decided to expand the scope of the AF Tool by developing a version that can be used by all sizes of organisation to evaluate their age-friendliness.

AF Brands is the entry level product and is a free iPad app. The sophistication of the tool can be increased by adding a range of upgrades. All the details of the new products can be found in the press releases from 20plus30 and from Silver Group.

While researching our book, Marketing to the Ageing Consumer, we were astonished to find that most marketers are blind to the issue of physiological ageing.  Yet the ageing of the senses, body and mind impacts all of the physical and digital touchpoints in the customer journey.

Brand managers must evaluate if their communications, distribution channels, product design, digital interfaces and the post sale support are fit for purpose to serve their older consumers. It is a no brainer.

Now there is version of the AF Tool that can be used by all sizes of companies.  Dick Stroud

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