Friday, June 10, 2016

A few hard truths about marketing from Mark Ritson - 45 mins of amusing and hard hitting comments

Those of you who prefer the comfort of 'safe spaces' or like your content dished up with 'trigger warnings' might want to skip this video.

Mark Ritson talks about eight marketing concepts that he either puts in marketing heaven or marketing hell. The video comes from the Marketing Week Live 2016.

Even if you disagree with everything in the presentation you have to admire the professionalism of the preparation and delivery. When somebody makes a presentation look easy you know they put a hell of a lot of work into its preparation.

I agree with virtually everything that he says. If you cannot spare 45 mins then here is a summary of the conclusions.

Marketing to Millennials is idiocy. It is like the idea of marketing to boomers. The idea that this group of people share much in common, other than when they were born is nonsense.

TV is not dead nor is TV advertising.

CSR is a must have for companies who then completely ignore it. If all those working in CSR were to pass through a black hole they would not be missed.

There is still a lot of life in targeting. The idea that it is all about mass marketing doesn't stack up.

Brand valuation - is a total waste of time

Cool Brands - same as brand valuation - rubbish

Zero based budgeting is far preferable to the usual way of taking last year's numbers and adding a fudge factor.

'Brand purpose' a distraction that should be killed-off

Digital Marketing as a separate entity is daft. Marketing is marketing. Digital is a tactic

You can hear plenty of laughter coming from the audience but I bet a lot of them left wondering what the hell this guy was talking about as he systematically demolished many of the concepts that young marketers hold dear

An excellent presentation. Dick Stroud

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