Friday, June 24, 2016

Boomers have suffered from being stereotyped for decades. Now it is the turn of Millennials

Making decisions, be they marketing or HR, on the basis of stereotypes of daft. No it is idiotic.

For ages this has been the way that the marketing industry has tried to engage with older consumers. To a certain extent it is the fault of generational marketers who believe there is some weird stuff in the DNA of different age groups that when decoded enables the secrets of their marketing preferences to be revealed.

Well now it is the turn of Millennials to be stereotyped. Have a read and a listen to this item on the Wharton web site ('Y' Generational stereotypes are bad for business). It makes the case pretty well.

This is a cruel portrayal of Millennials, although I have to say it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Why do we keep trying to simply the complex and heterogeneous behaviours of zillions of people into a few simplistic stereotypes? Because we are idle. Dick Stroud

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