Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Is there something fishy about Waitrose's Omega 3 enriched chicken?

How about this for a smart bit of thinking of how to differentiate a product.

Waitrose, a leading UK supermarket chain, is now selling an Omega 3 enriched chicken. I wonder if it  tastes of fish?

All you need to do is pack in a healthy shot of protein (to help with muscle loss) and you have in a single product something that will stave off at least two of the effects of physiological ageing. The added cost to the product is next to nothing and you can charge a healthy price premium.

I have to admit that I hadn't thought about this idea of taking a neutral product, like a chicken, and then feeding the poor bird a cocktail of nutriments that we know (think) are good for healthy ageing.

No doubt some bright researcher will be testing the chickens to see if Waitrose's claim holds water.

Full marks to the company for this novel idea. Dick Stroud

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