Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What can we learn about customer experience from a colonoscopy? Bet that has got your attention

In a very graphic way, this research shows that what happens at the end of the customer journey is disproportionally important.

It is an interesting idea but is probably untrue.

The alternative argument is that if you have a terrible experience at the beginning of the customer journey then you might not continue any further. Alternatively, you make your mind up that the journey is going to be bad and then look for evidence to support that view.

Kim Walker and I have a view that it is what you don't remember about about the CX that is important.

We believe that customers can be 'delighted' and all of the other nice things that marketers want to happen only if the foundation of the CX works. That means ensuring all the touchpoints are suitable for the customer's physiological limitations. Get that right and you aim for a great beginning or end to the CX - whatever you think is the most important.

You can read all about my philosophy about CX here. Dick Stroud

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