Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Why the poor die younger and so receive less pension

In the UK the DWP Select Committee is conducting an Inquiry into “early drawing of the state pension”. This is a proposal that the age you receive a pension depends on your job (i.e. 'manual' workers get a pension before those working in 'administration')

You can see the committee at work and read all about the evidence it is considering.

If the number of absences from the committee and the low level of press interest are any measure of things then I don't think this idea is going to have much future.

The ILC has done some good work in getting the numbers crunched but my guess is that we will keep debating the issue but do nothing about it.

The take on this subject for marketers is the massive differences in lifestyle that exist within the older population and the need to be very clear about the segment that you are attacking. Dick Stroud

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