Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The good news - pill organisers work. The bad news - they might damage your health

Scientists at the University of East Anglia believe that a third of over 75-year-olds who use prescription drugs fail to take them regularly, meaning their doctors increase the dosage, mistakenly believing the drugs to be ineffective.

When the patients change to using a pill organiser, which contains a box per scheduled dose of medication, they suddenly begin taking the full prescribed amount and suffer side effects from overdosing as a result. As a result they can become ill.

This is the conclusion of the some research done in the UK. It so obvious I wonder why it hasn't been talked about before. I wonder if the medical profession know or care?

This is classic case of taking actions on what you think your customers are doing but when you are confronted with the reality then might be shocked.

I got friend is a retired surgeon. When he visited a patient at home (yet in the old days they did that) he found that all her medication was neatly lined up on the shelf with the bottom of the bottles cut off. She explained that she could never used to using child proof packaging so her son used a hacksaw to remove the bottom of all the bottles.

Remember that patients are customers and do some very strange things. Dick Stroud

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