Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let's hope the Harvard Business Review is wrong

The HBR blog has an article entitled : What a Study of 33 Countries Found About Aging Populations and Innovation.

It concludes that "countries that understand the consequences of their ageing population, entrepreneurs are more likely to find profitable business opportunities. This will benefit the old as well as the young."

This seems like a statement of the blindingly obvious. Guess what, it is blindingly obvious.

The trouble is that whilst government and the media pay lip service to confronting the implications of population ageing they don't really take it seriously. Worst still, neither do those most involved - older people.

In my latest book (This I Know) I discovered a frightening level of complacency and ignorance from government, business and consumers.

Mega bucks will be made from demographic change but not in the simplistic way discussed by the HBR. Dick Stroud

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