Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Muscle augmentation could have an enormous impact on the quality of life of older people.

Way back in the early days of Star Trek we were introduced to the concept of the Tricorder - the little device that Dr McCoy would wave at people and get an instant diagnosis of their condition. Real sci-fi nonsense, or so we thought.

You would be brave to bet the iPhone 12, or whatever it is called, will not be packed with innumerable sensors to measure our health and fitness and no doubt have the power to instantly search zillions of records to help diagnose a condition.

Somehow I think we might be going in the same direction with wearable technology that helps power weak muscles. Very much at the boundaries of research at the moment but in a few years something like it will be commercialised.  I very much doubt if it will be available on the NHS!

If you want in image of what I am talking about look at this new company. Dick Stroud

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