Monday, February 06, 2017

A fortune to be made in population ageing? Are you willing to risk your own money?

A few years back it was a novelty to find any form of financial instrument that was based on demography and population ageing.

Now they are popping up all over the place. There is even a STOXX index for ageing and demography. This is the index for Europe Demography and for Global Population Ageing. 

One of the largest funds, that invests in equities that have exposure to population ageing, is operated by Fidelity (Global Demographic Fund)

If anybody should be investing in these funds it should be me. Last year I took a punt at the Fidelity fund. What I hadn't factored into my calculations was Mr Trump and his attitude to the Pharmaceutical industry - shall we say a tad antagonistic.

So far I am up on the investment but nowhere near the level of an investment in a global equity tracker.

What is the moral to this story? I am sure in the long-run these are sound investments, but, in the short term they are just as vulnerable to unrelated changes in the economy as any other specialist fund.

If you work in the Ageing Blob you really should be putting your money where you mouth is. Dick Stroud

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