Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Customer Journey Mapping is difficult and invariably incomplete. Wise words from NN/g

This month's Nielsen Norman Group's newsletter is about (Remote Customer Journey Mapping).

The process of customer-journey mapping usually involves bringing together a cross functional team of different roles and levels of seniority. It’s crucial to bring people from various teams and departments together to ensure that the customer journey is accurate, and also that everyone in the company supports the process and the outcomes. But how can journey mapping work when teams are not merely metaphorically siloed within an organization, but are physically siloed — geographically dispersed — as well?

Our experience confirms these views. Customer journey mapping is difficult, but not impossible, but where it invariably flounders is in the implementation of the results.

The newsletter references some great tools like UXpressia and Mural. They look terrific.

What none of these tools can do is to explain, let alone evaluate, the age-friendliness of the touchpoints they are attempting to improve.

The vital component for any customer journey map or evaluation is to be able to take every single touchpoint and to ensure that it is fit for purpose for all ages of customer. And, the only way you can do that is to understand all the aspects of physiological ageing and to apply them to each and every touchpoint.

Does this sound difficult?

Well we have made it easier for you to do. Download the free iPad app from iTunes and follow your nose and all will be explained.

Just do it.

Dick Stroud

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