Saturday, March 25, 2017

A person's age is three times more likely to prevent career progression than any other factor

ADP's Workforce View in Europe 2017 is a serious bit of research. It found that a person's age is by far and away the most important thing that influences (prevents) career progression.

This perception was shared by all age groups, but not unsurprisingly, age is a greater issue amongst older workers, peaking at 46% of over 55s.

Nobody will be surprised by the findings but even I found it hard to believe that it such an impediment. Now this is not good news for all those hoping to 'work until they drop'. It looks like the final twenty years or so will be spent stuck on the the career ladder.

It doesn't take a genius to see the implications this has on the ability of people to generate enough savings to fund their retirement - let alone how people will feel about being rejected for promotion.

The cover of this report amused me. Notice anything? Have a good look at the age of the models. Not many oldies there. Dick Stroud

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