Saturday, March 25, 2017

Methinks that IBM has been inspired by the TV series Breaking Bad.

This is a quote from the IBM website. 

IBM’s ageing-focused leaders have developed a “periodic table” providing a taxonomy and a common global reference framework for all actors aiming to build successful technologies and tech-enabled services for ageing. The table provides a means for testing solution designs that begin with the person; centered on the individual, guided by a set of core tenets that should always be observed. Then, as appropriate, one or more elements drawn from each category, begin to define and describe the potential solution.  Combined, they represent the foundation for human experience across the later life journey and become the basis for human experience design.

Now I am not sure that I understand what all this means. Hopefully, IBM will translate its ideas into plain English. But you have to admit that the company's thinking looks like it has been inspired by the brilliant TV series Breaking Bad. 

And why not.  Dick Stroud

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