Friday, March 24, 2017

Does the Ageing Business 'blob' do any good or just benefit itself?

I was reading the Ageing in Place Technology blog about the 14th Boomer Summit and The American Society of Ageing 2017 events and I started to yawn.

This is not a reflection on Laurie Orlov's writing but her subject matter. As a new year gets into its stride you know that the Ageing Business conferences will come and go only to be followed by another round of events next year.

Do any of the startups ever make it to scale? Do any of the conference speakers' insights translate from the the swanky presentation to a practical application? I cannot think of many/any examples.

The same old topics, dare I say the same old speakers. This year IBM comes up with a new set of ideas (more of this later) - no doubt somebody else will have a similar 'breakthrough' framework in 2018. New product concepts using the latest trending technology developments, that sound great but disappear as fast as they arrive. And so it goes on.

So let me be a tad contentious. I reckon the Ageing Business has created its own, well developed, 'blob', just like the Education industry's blob. I can be critical since I am part of this blob.

Has the Ageing business blob matured in a self sustaining entity that holds conferences, writes reports, consults, pontificates and all the other stuff that we do, irrespective of the value we deliver?

Now there is a thought for you to ponder this weekend. Dick Stroud

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