Monday, June 26, 2017

Global Trends at the Intersection of Innovation and Aging - well worth reading

I am still a fan of a matrix. Nope, I am not talking about the film, but a way/mechanism/tool for giving order to complicated issues. I liked the one above that appears in the Aging2.0's report about innovation and ageing/aging. It is a nice way of rationalising the zillions of different innovations that are popping up (and unfortunately as rapidly popping down) to do with making money out of the Ageing Business.

As with all reports it has ten trends that you should be aware about. The one that made me smile was: ' Sales channels shift from B2C to B2B2C'. The idea that instead of engaging with the end customer your need to sell via the network who then sells to the customer.

Funnily enough I think exactly the opposite is happening in the UK. Most health/care innovation I see  expect to get to market through the NHS or large care groups. It is hard to think of two sets of organisations with more financial and organisational problems. The 'customers' of these organisations are slowly realising that often they are 'on their own' and had better start taking ownership of their healthcare problems. Satisfying this demand is where I see the future, not trying to persuade monolithic, financially stressed organisations, that you have the solution for their customers. Dick Stroud

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