Thursday, June 01, 2017

If 65 is the new 55 then 35 is the new 25

You know how the popular media likes publishing stories about how 65 is the new 55 or something equally daft - 70 is the new 80. It makes good headlines but is normally based on nothing more than the musings of the journalist.

Data published by the US Census Bureau is much more robust and looks at the delay, in age, when young people, start doing adult things - like having and living with children and owning a home.

As you can see,  over the period of the last 40 years, these events have shifted back in time or off the agenda altogether. When I see this type of research I wonder how many marketers are cognisant to today's reality and how many are working to yesterday's lifestyle agenda.

Since most marketers are 'young' and hence part of the group that is extending its adolescence, you would like to think that is understands what is happening. I wonder.

This free report (The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood: 1975–2016) contains some fascinating reading. I don't think the situation in Europe is that much different to the US. Dick Stroud

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