Thursday, June 01, 2017

What has IBM got to say about the issues of ageing? A lot.

Never in million years did I think that my old employer (IBM) would be trying to claim territory in the Ageing Business. How wrong can you be.

The above, assuming you can read it through the fog of capitals, is how it starts its very good report titled Outthink Aging 

IBM is even throwing its intellectual muscle to try and understand things like the connection between loneliness and ageing ( Why must organizations understand loneliness and aging?)

You begin to understand IBM's commercial interests in the Ageing Business, when you see what it has to say about the force for good of technology and all that sort of stuff.

It would be easy to criticise IBM's venture as being overly 'strategic' and unlikely to make much difference to the world, but that would be wrong. I would prefer to see it as evidence that at long last, the corporate sector is waking up to the issues and massive commercial opportunities that population ageing creates. Dick Stroud

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