Saturday, October 28, 2017

A couple of interesting things from the Ageing in Place Technology Watch newsletter

This month's edition of Ageing in Place Technology Watch has some interesting items. That is not unusual. It nearly always contains something worth blogging about.

Item 1. Everything you should know about designing a house for aging in place taken from the architectural digest.

Not a bad attempt to detail some of the issues resulting from physiological ageing. Unfortunately, for every one it mentions it leaves a couple not explained. The other thing about the article is that it assumes that all older people are living in properties owned by the '1%'. A word of advice to the web designers of the architectural digest - don't make it impossible to copy the text from your web site.

Item 2. A report from the Global Coalition on Aging titled Remote Care Delivery: Transforming Healthcare and Long-Term Care to Meet 21st Century Aging Realities

You might wonder 'who the hell is the Global Coalition on Aging. This is what they say about themselves.

Our members are world leaders across industries and geographies. From health and pharmaceutical companies to technology, financial services, we are inspired by the opportunities of longevity and committed to leading the global aging discussion.
Indeed the membership reads like a Who's Who of corporate America. It is amazing that an organisation containing such an elite group of companies delivers so little - still that is another story.

The document is well written but I am not sure what  you do with it. If remote care is your business then I guess you should have a look.

Thanks to Laurie Orlov for continuing to produce such a great newsletter. Dick Stroud

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