Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our MPs ponder the issue of 'housing for older people' - whatever that is?

Thanks to David Sinclair for blogging about this and providing the links.

It would seem that our MPs are trying to get their heads around the subject of housing for older people. My instinctive reaction is sigh and assume that it will a total waste of time.

I spent 20 mins of so watching their first meeting when they were taking evidence from Housing Learning and Improvement Network, DEMOS, and the International Longevity Centre UK.

I was pleasantly surprised. They seemed to be asking sensible questions and getting more than sensible responses.

What did strike me was the vagueness of their remit. Who are 'older people'? From the early questioning it ranged from the 50 year old to somebody needing a care home. There is a danger that looking at housing in isolation from the need for older people to free-up cash to fund their retirement, they would miss the main point.

Hopefully, if I listened to the whole of the session these points would have been covered - or maybe not.

If you have difficulty seeing the video then follow this link. Dick Stroud

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