Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In the next 30 years or so some countries will shrink in size by nearly a quarter. Most of them are in Eastern Europe.

This chart was constructed using UN data.

Here in order of size are the fastest shrinking countries on the planet between now and 2050

Bulgaria (23% decrease)
Latvia (22%)
Moldova (19%)
Ukraine (18%)
Croatia (17%)
Lithuania (17%)
Romania (17%)
Serbia (15%)
Poland (15%)
Hungary (15%)
Japan (15%)
Georgia (13%)
Portugal (13%)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (13%)
Estonia (13%)
Lebanon (11.0%)
Greece (11%)
South Korea (10%)
Albania (9%)
Belarus (9%)

All of the above, other than those highlighted are in the old block known as Eastern Europe. In comparison, Japan is looking like a sprightly youngster.

I have no ideas what the implications of this massive reduction in population will have on the region's economy but I can believe it will be good. Dick Stroud

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