Saturday, February 03, 2018

The age distribution of income and wealth in the UK

The ONS has just published the latest data about how wealth is distributed throughout the UK population.

No great surprises - well no great surprises to those of us who study the subject.

Above is the chart I produced showing how wealth and income is distributed by magnitude and age.

A couple of words of explanation. Decile 1 is the lowest 10% of wealth and income - Decile 10 is the top 10%. Not surprisingly, 16-34 year olds have very little wealth. They haven't been around long enough to accumulate it. 80% of them are in the bottom 40% of wealth owners - only 5% are in the top 40%.

The figures for the 65+ are very different. 51% are in the top 40% and 27% are in the bottom 40%.

When it comes to the distribution of incomes (the dotted lines) there are not so many differences between the different age groups.

Worth downloading the full report that provides much more detail. Dick Stroud

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