Friday, January 04, 2019

Saga has another attempt to raise its sagging fortunes

Cards on the table time - I have never been a fan of Saga. I know I should have been because it is one of the few companies that targeted old consumers, but my professional dealings with the company have never been good - I haven't been impressed.

Way back in 2014 I wrote about 'the sorry saga of Saga' when its launch on the stock market was a disaster. From time to time people have asked me about the company and I have always given the same, negative response.

As you can see from the company's share price, I am not alone in being unimpressed.

As reported in Marketing Week, the company is having another go to reposition itself. Part of this is a new ad campaign (see above). This has the novel idea of instead of the customers saying how marvellous a place is you hear the comments of the locals, praising the travellers. Mmmmm, other than being 'new' and 'original' I am not sure that it will deliver the hoped for response. Time will tell.

Now for another admission. I am a customer of Saga. I use the company's car insurance. The reason being that got me onto its web site and made the product purchase so simple that it got my custom. It had nothing to do with its travel offering or its long gone association with oldies. It was the excellence of its product.

If the company is going to succeed then that will be the key. It will succeed in spite of a notional attachment to older consumers. Dick Stroud

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