Friday, January 04, 2019

Will people be more tech savvy in ten years time? Answer - No.

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Ever since I was first involved in 'all things internet' (a long time ago) I have followed Jakob Nielsen's writings. He was talking about UX before anybody had any idea what it was and explaining its importance to improving the CX (before anybody had coined the term).

His 2 mins of musings about our the lack of desire to remain 'tech savvy' is a must for all designers.

So many times I have heard somebody in their 30s telling me how the issue of digital literacy will end when the current crop of oldies die off.  The arrogance to think that when they are the same age that they will automatically have stayed current with tech developments is laughable.

Hopefully the use of voice and better interfaces will make it easier for everybody to use tech but at the limits of a device's functionality will always be the preserve of those willing to devote energy and time to understanding new tech ideas. That is a small (ish) group of people and will probably always be the young rather than the old.

Don't believe me? How much of the functionality available on your smartphone do you utilise? Bet it is less than 20% Dick Stroud

PS. Here is a good example of the practical advice that you get from NN/g - this is about the use of 'breadcrumbs' on computer and mobile devices. 

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