Friday, August 17, 2007

This is a different approach to launching an oldies social networking site. Go and have a look at

Since registering for the site I have received a couple of newsletters. Insider 1 and Insider 2

No comments to make about the creative and content at the stage, although I am sure I will. But, a big comment to make about the extensive use of video. Well done guys, if you do nothing else you have brought video to the world of the 50-plus.

One small gripe about this site (and all other sites that contain multiple video players). It is very easy, especially for those who don’t know too much about the way the players work, to have two or more simultaneous sound streams.

As you will see with Insider 2, it has an auto start with the top video player. Unless you know that you have to click the video to reveal the tool bar there is no way of stopping Marc’s jolly introduction. I am sure there must be a way of inhibiting multiple players working simultaneously. Anybody with some technical words of wisdom? Dick Stroud


SprintExec said...

great introduction, if the site lives up to that intro it will be stunning, Andy

thesavvyboomer said...

Yes, I agree that using video is the way of the future. But, it is definitely taboo for a video to automatically play on a website without offering the viewer the option to begin the video and having clear instructions on how to pause or stop it.

As far as 2 players working simultaneously, there are a number of different things that could cause that as any viewer always wants to take control of your video playing. That's why I only use 1 but if you need 2, try going into the tools bar on either of them and seeing if there is an option that lets you control it from automatically starting when you play a certain format of video. Good luck. They usually don't make it easy to find.

Chuck Nyren said...

It's a good site. I've seen it. Lots of professionally produced videos, lots of interviews of interesting people from their radio programs.

If anything - it doesn't look or feel like any other site for this demo. All the others are cookie-cutter. These guys are having fun.

My concern is that someone is going to take a look at all this fun - and it'll be a woman or women with the same backgrounds and sensibilities - and do something like this - and be hugely successful. Growing Bolder has that 'old boys club' feel to it. They need/needed a woman upfront - and I told them that. The 'feel' of the place - take the logo and colors - reminds me of a sports team web site.

it will attract some women - but it skews male - and that could be a problem.

And, as I've said - on my blog and to them in emails - it's not a social networking site. It's a site with lots of information, entertainment, and more. They should market it for what it is - and not jump on this imaginary 'social networking' silliness bandwagon. In fact, they should separate themselves from the (bulging) pack - and say what Growing Bolder really is - a fun and informative multimedia site where you can spend hours watching and listening to all sorts of stuff - and keep coming back for more without ever hearing/seeing it all.

The draw is not going to be hanging out and leaving messages and making friends. That gets old fast.

NBRIGGS said... recently launch a new player for it's video.

Here's a sample:

More to come!

Nathaniel Adam Briggs, CEO/Founder,