Friday, April 25, 2008

New over-50s agency

Brandrepublic reported the launch of a new agency (tgi50) specializing in the 50-plus market. The launch of tgi50 is scheduled for 16 August, which as everybody knows is Madonna's 50th birthday – must remember to get her a card.

The guys behind the agency are Robert Campbell and Toby Constantine. As can see they have extensive careers in the marketing business.

The company will offer services such as sales promotion, direct marketing, digital, PR, mobile and search-engine optimisation. It does not plan to produce traditional advertising campaigns.Campbell said: "It's a challenger organisation to Saga. We will be acting as a conduit for contemporary brands that usually aim at under-35s that now want to target the over-50s market but wouldn't be seen dead in Saga magazine."

The more companies talking about and selling to this market the better – I wish them well.

The only marketing blog that has picked up this story is Lunar.BBDO. – have a look at the comments. It does amuse me the way that some young marketers respond to ventures that are not aimed at their own age group, but that of their parents. Weird. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

Those kids leaving comments on the blog sound like they're pretty scared to me. Threatened.

Makes me laugh. I guess my ego at that age was as big (and as insecure and shaky) as theirs are.

Looks like an interesting venture - tgi50. I also wish them the best.

The real revolution will come when advertisers (referred to above as "contemporary brands" don't have a problem being "seen dead in a Saga magazine".

Peter said...

Said it there, and I'll repeat myself (conforming to stereotype) here;

'Ah, and I remember the days when you were only as good as your porty.

Don't think I have seen one mention of the work so far from any quarter. Not that it matters much any more, I guess.'

Sadly , as toothless ageism regs get more plentiful and ever easier to dodge (realities sadly not so often mentioned by the breeding groups of scurrying departmental PRs and less than challenging major media hacks who carry their pronouncements that the 'issue' has been 'addressed'), the more the divide seems obvious.

It is a shame to see such demographic deviousness and peevishness being demonstrated, but it kinda proves the point of the story.

I'd like to think I could get a job and work successfully in any agency, working with any person on any product, simply by being good at reading a brief, living a varied life and having a bit of talent.

Oh, well. Plan B. I wish them well too. Very well. Wonder where and how you apply?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Thanks for wishing us well. not quite ready to talk about what were up to yet. The press got the story early. More will be revealed! Stay in touch. Best. Robert Campbell tgi50

DickStroud said...

I know all about the problems of the press!! Look forward to hearing about your new venture when the time is right