Monday, November 30, 2009

A Sunday Supplement ageing fest

As I opened my Sunday paper the first of the numerous supplements that fell out was Senior Living , closely followed by Healthy Ageing – I know the image says Healthy Heart but the publisher hasn’t got around to updating their web site with this title.

Senior Living had nothing but wall to wall ads about retirement properties.

Healthy Ageing had ads that told me how to keep my gums in shape; put some fizz into your morning glucosamine, bring down my cholesterol levels, say goodbye to veins, use the next generation of joint care, get the lowest cost stairlift, contribute to Macmillan cancer support, improve my immune system and finally buy Saga health insurance.

As far as I could see the invite to join Bannatyne’s Today (a UK health club) was the only lifestyle ad. I guess that is what you would expect in these sorts of newspaper supplements.

Just have a look at the models they used on the cover of Senior Living. Believe me these are not your typical retirement property customers, more like their children. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

Sounds like the 'backlash' I wrote about in my blog awhile back isn't just here - it's happening over there:
Boomer Backlash II

DickStroud said...

Chuck - thanks for your comment - totally agree with your sentiments. Dick