Friday, December 18, 2009

Aging Puts a Wrinkle in the U.S. Marketplace

What a dreadful title.

The Nielsen Company is offering its end of year crystal ball gazing into trends to watch for the future. This one is about the impact of ageing.

It doesn’t contain any great insights. If you only have 5 secs to spare these are the things Nielsen predict for the future:

# Growth is Found in Less-Developed World
# The Share of Households With Children Decline
# Immigration and Ethnic Familes Fuel Growth
# Older Consumers Have New Needs
# CPG Spending Declines

As I said, nothing much that has not been discussed throughout the year. Dick Stroud

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GeriCareFinder said...

This is not exactly the most informative information gathered. I guess there are less surveys? One would think they could obtain more regarding changing trends. We see change everyday, wonder if it will ever be recorded.