Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do 60% of older women really want electronic gadets for Xmas

According to a poll, conducted by Logitech, of 1,500 over 50s women, it appears that 58% want items like iPods, MacBooks and laptops for Xmas. I can find no trace of the research on the Logitech web site so you will have to take their word for it. Of course you don’t know how the questions were asked and what other options were given. Maybe a MacBook sounded a better option than having Xmas lunch with Mr & Mrs Brown. Who can tell?

Anecdotal evidence suggests the overall gist of the conclusion are right but I would be surprised if nearly 60% of older women have a tech gadget at top of their Xmas wish list. Dick Stroud


Alex said...

It's an impressive statistic but as you point out there are many more questions which need to be asked.

Personally I'm going to stick with a book for my Gran :)

Anonymous said...

I am a woman pushing 60 and although I have an iPod and a laptop already I would love a new laptop or an iPhone for Christmas.

Would I like a book? Maybe, I read depends on the topic, the information in it and how well written it is.

What I don't want is any kind of nic nac that serves no practical purpose and just collects dust. Less stuff...only useful stuff.. Most of my women friends would like an iPod, cell phone or laptop.

One does have to question where the 1500 women they polled came from. If it's from their contact list then of course they want something technical.

I do have a few friends who can barely send email and would not know what to do with anything mechanical that is not a kitchen appliance.

GeriCareFinder said...

I believe that technology can influence people at any age, and if it is readily available, people are more likely to know about more products, and more likely to want to use the products. It also depends on the person, because many younger adults may feel that a book would be a better gift than a macbook!