Sunday, January 03, 2010

Music for oldies

I should have made this ancient blog posting back in October 2009. Better late than never. Neurotic Media and CM2Oldies have launched iOldies online music and entertainment store that features over two million MP3s. This is the press release.

This site claims to be the only source offering the 50-plus Baby Boomers single downloads, entire album downloads, CDs, vinyl records (LPS), ringtones and “retro” DVDs in one “shopping experience”.

I have no idea how the range of music from this site compares to iTunes but it certainly is a more colourful experience to visit although not as easy to use and the background music sends me mad!

Unless the site has major advantages in terms of price and/or range I wonder why the Web literate Boomer would come here rather than where they buy their non-retro/nostalgic music? Whatever, I wish them well. Dick Stroud


GeriCareFinder said...

I personally enjoy getting my music off of because they run sales on mp3's all of the time. Sometimes I will venture to the Zune marketplace when I see something that is a rarity.
Music can be found in so many places, but it is comforting to know that a site is dedicated to senior listening!

Dropship said...

Good idea to have a website dedicated to oldies. Thanks for the link. It is going to be of help whenever I feel like listening to some rare piece of music.