Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not enough older faces

Anchor Trust has accused the BBC of not having enough older people in its programmes, compared to rival ITV. The company commissioned an "older faces audit" that claims only 20% of presenters and actors on BBC One are aged over 50.This compares to 27% on ITV1, based on figures collated during one week.

Needless to say the BBC said it did not believe that the study provided an accurate reflection of its output.

Why can I not excited by this ‘research’. Perhaps because it is blatantly a PR ‘research project’ – nothing wrong with that – but don’t let’s confuse it as being something done for the good of mankind rather than generating a few column inches.

Secondly, if we want to start counting faces we might come up with some other interesting observations. Too many/too few non-whites. Too many/too few women rather than men. How about counting people over the age of 75 – the age group that Anchor is involved with.

Savour this moment. There are few times when I write to defend the BBC but this is one of them. Dick Stroud


KINGRPG said...

I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

Chris Gosling said...

I don't know how many wrinkly old presenters like me there are on Sky, then - not many, I imagine.

I suppose I try to make up for the shortfall - I've now got caravanning shows on every day at 7pm (one on Sky 166 and one of Sky 216, as of next Tuesday) . . . so there's at least one old git on the box!