Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real life has got in the way of blogging

Those of you who follow this blog will have noticed the regularity of my posting has taken a dive. This has nothing to do with a failing interest in the subject or a lack of news but rather the limitation of there only being 24 hours in a day.

I have been really busy (which is good) but also cast into sorting out the life of an older relative (which is bad).

My posting about “Ageing in Place” have taken on a new meaning as I have been trying to make it a reality.

The only good thing that comes out of this situation is I now have a real understanding of incredible ineptitude that masquerades as the UK’s health and social support services. There have been many good deeds by kind individuals but the bottom line is that the way the NHS and Social Services manages the sick older person is not fit for purpose.

I will need to wait for the personal annoyance to subside before I start to unpick this situation in logical fashion. The big positive is that there are immense opportunities for private business to provide the services that the UK’s state is unable to provide.

I hope to be blogging more frequently. Lots to talk about. Dick Stroud


Erin Read Ruddick said...

Dick, you're doing a great thing for your older relative. I am reminded about the fact that as we age we become unwilling bureaucrats, fighting for our parents or elderly. Marketers need to keep that in mind, as it can leave 50+ers little free time for anything else.

DickStroud said...

You are right. It is you against the 'system'.

Chuck Nyren said...

We're known as The Sandwich Generation - but the next big step will be caring for (and being cared by) people around our ages.

Dick - for better or worse, you are on the 'leading-edge' of this new ethos. said...

Been there
Done that
Wrote in my blog

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Thanks for all of your great posting, and for your real life example of lifting up life and honoring others.