Monday, May 24, 2010

So this is what Gen Y want?

It is always interesting to read about the way companies go about appealing to younger age groups.

This article relates what Merc is doing to “reach out to younger consumers”.

This video shows a global campaign that promotes the E-Class Cabriolet with model/actress Milla Jovovich (who?) in a coloruful headpiece by avant garde hat designer Philip Treacy (who??).

I quote from the brandchannel article:

The luxury auto brand has been approaching that fickle group with a soft-sell research approach it's calling “customer intimacy” – a relationship that goes deeper than traditional research. According to, VP of marketing for Mercedes-Benz, the tactic creates brand disciples and advocates as it engages the next generation of car buyers.

In the brand's attempts to woo the 16-33 year-old demographic (wait for it - the "digital natives) Merc’s head marketing honcho says: "We asked them questions like, what do you think of brands, who do you turn to for decisions, what kind of TV do you watch -- so we were getting rich sets of data. 

So there you go. That’s what your 16-33 year-old wants. I must tell my mate, 61 last birthday, who has just bought this Merc. Dick Stroud


Philippa Aldrich said...

Can many 16-33 year olds afford Mercs...?!

Steelmagnolia said...

Isn't this just an updated version of any car advertising - pretty girl draped over bonnet of flash car, man wants to think he can still pull them in this car? Very old fashioned in my view and just aimed at men - women buy cars too!

Janet Kiddle