Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why can't we be parted from our mobile - young and old

This article in Business Week makes a stab at identifying the human behaviours that make using mobiles - especially the ones that are stuffed full of apps – so appealing.

The reasons seem sensible and whilst you could say they are common sense they do provide a foundation for thinking about your mobile strategy. As far as I can see these reasons are pretty much age neutral.

  • We are in love with instant gratification. Mobiles enable us to exercise this desire 24X7.
  • We like filling time vs. killing time. We create mobile experiences in four- to 10-minute increments. Give us a few minutes and we want progress, info, answers, and closure.
  • We crave superhero powers. Our mobile phones allow us to interact in multiple places at the same time. A smartphone packed with apps makes us feel powerful.
  • Our instincts are to modify, adapt, hack, and create. Give people a tool, especially a technology or digital tool or channel, and they use it to achieve their goals in ways you never imagined. Who would think you could create 200,000 + apps for the iPhone.
  • We think of our mobile device as our "No. 1 recovery tool," and we never leave home without it. Why? It is a lifeline. Our phones are the first thing we reach for when we're away from home or the office and a problem comes up.
Find ways of satisfying these desires and you are in the money. Dick Stroud

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